OFFENSE – The Pharisees were offended at Jesus because he exposed their hypocrisy.  He spoke openly and honestly.  He spoke life and truth. Did He do it in love?  Well..yes because Jesus is love.  We also need to look at the woes he spoke to His generation.  Because of their offense they “Opposed Him fiercely and to besiege Him with questions. waiting to catch Him in something He might say.”  (Luke 11:53-54)  But He set the trap and was the trigger for them to stumble.  Facebook-20160103-080125

He died for all mankind, even for them if they would choose to accept Him as their Messiah but that generation did not and many others down through the ages up to our present time.  The enemy is so deceitfully cunning that he is constantly looking for ways to kill, steal and destroy.  But there is nothing new he can do.  He only rehashes the old in different packaging.  Take our present day.  What causes stumbling for us?  What is one of the biggest things that the church needs to recognize as evil and call it out?  OFFENSE! (see previous blog).  Offense in its present form I call “political correctness”.  I read in the Word of God in Luke 7 and Matthew 11 that Jesus speaks to the generation He was born into and compared them to children in the marketplace.  The operative word here is children who are immature in their thinking and are faithless to everything and are never satisfied.  They rejected both John’s message and Jesus’.

There is another dimension to this passage that talks about eschatology.  John came representing the Old Covenant prophets (dirge) and Jesus comes as a New Covenant King bringing the Kingdom with Him (dance).  That generation did not accept either.  They were fearful and jealous at both because neither John or Jesus fell in step with what the religious leaders were teaching.  The people were not listening to them but to Jesus.  Both John and Jesus refused to play by their rules.

The relationship of the religious leaders to God was so very flawed.  They were full of self-righteousness and when given the opportunity to see the truth, they rejected it.  Their hearts were full of dead man’s bones.  (Matthew 23:27).

John came to call them back to true righteousness and point the way to their Messiah, Jesus.  But instead of repentance, they chose deception and offense.

In our present day, do we step in line with the political correctness that is running rampant?  Some have.  Why?  Fear of persecution or rejection?  Or do we go to the other extreme and cut people to shreds with our words without thought?  We as the people of God who want to see heaven come to earth and His Kingdom advance need to know some things.

  1. We need to have an intimate, personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Much like the first we need to know who we are in Christ and what we possess as His warring Bride.
  3. We need to know what we believe with no doubt or wavering
  4. We need to walk in our true identity and take up our specific assignments and march on.
  5. Like Jesus, we must speak the truth in love.

We cannot force others to believe as we do or try to silence their voices but neither can we stand by or sit back and let evil run rampant just so we can get along with everyone and be comfortable. Neither of these scenarios is walking in love or being loving. Some things are wrong and they will always be wrong.  The church cannot be silent.

How then do we face the evil of our day and advance the Kingdom of our King Jesus Christ?

See 1-5 above and repeat, and repeat and repeat.

Have a very blessed Christmas season!




A Daughter’s Journey (in the quiet of my heart) Song of Solomon 7:10; 8:6

A Day to Remember

It has been quite awhile since I’ve done my blog. Present life has been important of late.  My father passed away in September.  My mother is now living with me and my husband and it has been a big adjustment for all of us, especially her.  Her whole world has been topsy turvy and we are trying to help her as best we can to adjust to her new living situation and her new life without my dad.  She has Alzheimer’s disease and it has taken some time for her to remember that he is gone.  It is hard at times to see her relive the memories but we are doing our best to see her through her grief as we grieve right along with her.

As promised this is my final installment about my journey in dealing with cancer.  As the days went on I became more and more grateful that many things were behind me.  I continued to pray for healing of lingering symptoms and a return to full energy and normalcy (for me).  It took me some time to formulate the following thoughts but I want others to read and understand as much as possible.  Thinking back on all that has taken place the Lord spoke to my heart this simple word.  “I have come into the threshing floor of your heart and I’ve been separating the chaff from My wheat”.  With this simple word, I began to search the scriptures for understanding.  I was reminded of the very beginning of our growth process in all of this by the scripture in Matthew 13.  It’s the parable of the sower.  It begins with the type of soil we are.  Are we good soil bearing fruit?  I believe God is good and He makes us good.  What He plants will bear fruit.  In John 12:24 that “unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.  So to bear fruit a death must come.  He died so I live and He sows in my heart the fruit of His Spirit that when it is fully grown brings forth the harvest of life.  It isn’t left on the stock to rot.  So in goes the sickle and the wheat is laid on the threshing floor, trampled by oxen or a threshing sledge to separate the wheat from the stock.  Picked up by a pitch fork so the wind can carry the chaff away.  Gathered into barns to sit and wait to be used. Ground down with mortar and pestle into coarse grain or fine flour.  Kneaded and baked and brought forth to be consumed for the nourishment and health of others.  This is our path, my path as the Lord brings forth fine wheat for the needs of others.  No shortcuts, no compromise.  It was a difficult path and one that I walked at times unable to understand the reason for it.  Have I been angry, sad, wanting at times to give up and die? Yes, yes and yes.  Having a sense of loss by being changed forever by this disease?  Most definitely yes.  But yet…”We do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses but we have one who in every respect has been tested as we are, yet without sin.  Let us therefore approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:15-16)  I will not stand by, I will not lie down.  I don’t want it to be for nothing but to reach others with His healing power and abundant life.

So, at last I was and am finished.  I am so grateful for His love and His absolute faithfulness to me and Sam.  I continue to pray for His continued faithfulness in our lives.  It truly is a day to remember as Joshua 21:45 says “Not one of all the good promises that the Lord had made to the house of Israel has failed, all came to pass”.  This is truly a great example of His faithfulness to Israel and acts as a reminder to us that He will do what He has promised.  Guaranteed!

As I prepared this writing and began this day, so ends this testimony.  A new day, a new beginning.  “The past is over and gone, the time for singing has come” (Song of Solomon 2:10-12; 1:4)  Your death, my life.  Thank you Lord Jesus.  Cause me to be a witness of your mercy and grace the rest of my life. (Philippians 3:13-14).  Those 18 months I did my best to hold onto You, Jesus.  I wasn’t always perfect but You never left me or have forsaken me.  I am so grateful.

And now, I want to forget, leave the past behind and turn and face my future, my destiny with You Jesus and with my Sam as we walk together hand in hand.  No fairy tale ending but close!   So be it Lord Jesus.

A Daughter’s Journey (in the quiet of my heart)


A Dream:  Right before my bowel resection surgery I had a dream.  It was detailed and long so I won’t go into all of it here.  One section of the dream however I will share. In the dream Sam and I owned a huge home.  It was mansion-like and there were people everywhere and so many things going on simultaneously.  At one point an accident happened and I had to scream danger to Sam to prevent him from being hurt.  We had to throw some freeloaders out and also the previous owner who was making a lot of trouble for us.  We also had 2 children.  One of them was a daughter who we had to go and rescue from a small bedroom off of the foyer of the house.  She was alone and in bed and very depressed.  I remember the feeling of needing to rescue this girl.  I went to her and lifted her up and held her close in my arms and spoke tenderly to her and brought her comfort.  At that last part of the dream I woke up. The Lord revealed a lot to me about this dream but what I’ll share here is this, that small, depressed child was me.  Now I won’t get into a debate about psychology and the idea of the “inner child” thing.  I only know that as a Christian, my life is in the hands of Jesus and He was showing me my inmost heart.  I needed lifting up, I needed tenderness and comfort and the Lord said He would provide that now and in the future…always.  Especially in my near future.

Soon after this I had my surgery.  I spent 5 days in the hospital getting strong enough to go home and learn to deal with an ileostomy bag attached to my lower abdomen.  My surgery was a success but I needed the ileostomy to allow my lower bowels to rest.  I also was facing more chemo after returning home. Now my body was not the same and I felt it was forever changed. After returning home from the hospital I remember standing in front of the mirror in our bathroom and just crying as I looked at myself with this bag hanging off of me. What could I do but cry? I hated the thought of my husband seeing me like this! Sam was very gentle and loving and didn’t see me as unlovable. The Lord gave me Psalm 139.  The whole Psalm speaks of how mindful the Father is of us.  Verse 11 says this:  “Surely the darkness shall cover me, and the light around me become night, even the darkness is not dark to You; the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light to You.”  Nothing in my life is without meaning and purpose.  If I am opposed, I can be assured He is mindful of it and will not abandon me.  Over and over again in the months that followed I heard the Lord say to draw near and not run away and try to escape what was happening to me.  I needed to not miss the opportunity to know Him and to learn to trust Him even in this.  Difficult? yes Impossible? no. He was my Jehovah Jireh and He would see to it!  I needed to remember this wasn’t a trial but a storm that would eventually pass on by. Many times my faith was low but He reassured me of His presence in many different ways.

After meeting with the oncologist I found out I was looking forward to 4 months of chemo.  I went in thinking, surely it will only be a couple of treatments and then I can get on with my  life.  HAH!  The effects of chemo, even if it doesn’t make your hair fall out or make you nauseous all the time still has a cumulative effect. That’s 8  total treatments administered every other week!  So I moved forward with it.  As it progressed I became more nauseated and anxious.  One of the effects is sleeplessness.  I did have something to help with that.  I felt that I was slowly being poisoned and I was!  Chemo is very toxic and very strong!  The constant diarrhea and cramping.  I was about to lose my mind.  I kept pleading with the Lord to please let them tell me this is the last one!  Then at times my platelets were so low that I had to wait an extra week for the next round of chemo.  I remember one particular day, I just wanted to get all of it over with and when they told me it was delayed, I cried like a baby for at least a half hour before Sam was able to calm me down.  All this time I am still getting up and going to work!   I was losing weight. Then came the neuropathy in my hands and feet and other parts of my body.  It got to the point where I couldn’t even button my shirt or put in my own earrings or hold a pen to write.   I continued pleading with the Lord. I also said at the time, “Well, at least it’s not the first one, at least I only have this many to go, etc” They did say that the neuropathy may be permanent but not as bad as it is now and that after about 3 weeks of completing the chemo I would start to feel better.  REALLY?!

Well, I did complete it finally.  What a day!  Monday 6/21/10, my last one. Then shortly after that I had my reversal of my ileostomy.  Oh yeah, everything was going to be fine after that!  NOT!  The pain in my bottom and constant diarrhea, every single day.  I had to learn what to eat and not to eat which took about a year to come to fully understand.  I had to go to the emergency room once because I was having so much cramping I didn’t know what was happening on the inside.  My surgeon assured me that I would get used to a new normal!  Another HAH!  Urgency and frequency, try dealing with that doctor when you have to work. I took Imodium twice a day (and still take a half every other day) to just have semi normal bowel activity. It did GRADUALLY get better. The emphasis on gradual. Following this I had my thyroid removed in November of 2011.  I was supposed to only be in the hospital overnight but because of severe nausea I was there 3 days!  But at last I was done with all my chemo and surgeries.  The struggle continued for sometime afterwards and the follow ups of course continued monthly then every 3 months.  This blog doesn’t go into all the details of those days, only the parts that have stood out to me as being the most meaningful in this journey and it was a full plate of crazy at the time!

Please stay with me for one more entry to complete my journey.  It will be a word of love and hope!  Next up and lastly:  A Day to Remember




A Daughter’s Journey (in the quiet of my heart)

Facebook-20160103-080125Jesus, my Satisfaction

During my cancer treatments I was reading n 1 Timothy about all that it takes to live in community with other believers.  I read chapter 6:17  which states in part  “…for those in this present age who are rich..don’t set your hopes on the uncertainty of riches but on God who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.  Verse 19 “….that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.” (NIV)  The Father provides things for our enjoyment because He wants us to be joyful in this life.  If we have an abundance, we giver generously to those who have less.  The command is to pursue Him and a deep, rich relationship with Him and to be content.  Pursue righteousness and be happy.  Knowing Him is pure joy.

Sometimes during those days, I wanted Him to say “It’s all going to be ok”.  He didn’t say it but I had His promise.  Why did I still worry so much?  Did I not have faith or trust?  Did I not know the Lord well enough to know this?  Do I believe Your Word and what it says about me?  Jesus, you went to the cross for me.  For me!  I thought of the words of Peter who told Jesus, “Where else can we go?  You have the words of life”  I heard Him whisper “in the quiet of my heart “Ok, Kathleen, you’re going to get through this year and the next and the next and so on.  So grateful for that.  Thank You Father.

In my next breath I said ” I choose to pursue You Jesus” and be happy.  I don’t want to search elsewhere for comfort but You provide it.  Not only in our intimacy but in my family and friends.  I won’t let the shallowness of others bother me.  I’ll let them be.  I choose to focus on Jesus and those He’s put in my life that bring me pleasure and enjoyment and peace.  You see, this is where I was back then and I needed to be there for my continued healing. I knew that I wanted to reach out in the future after this and pursue those who don’t know and don’t have anyone.  I wanted to help bring hope, pleasure and most of all teaching about being satisfied in Jesus.  To be satisfied is a worthy pursuit.  I have found it in my relationship with Jesus first.  I thanked Him then and still do for those in my life that bring joy and satisfaction.  I learned something from that scripture that day.  We can be fully satisfied in Jesus but He also gives others along the way to go forward with.  He never meant for us to be alone in this earthly life.  It is important to find another to help bear the burden.  Be careful though that if you choose to be a burden bearer that you follow through.  Let’s be accountable for our words to others.  Though this entry is short it leads me to the next chapter in my journey.

Persistence in the Midst of the Bad Stuff

I remember a particular long and difficult week. Having the chemo pump on and being intensely nauseated it was all that I could do to get to my treatments.  I laid in bed most of the time.  At that time, I relied so heavily on my husband Sam to be my driver, cook, memory, most everything.  He was praying so hard for the burden to be lifted off my life and I prayed as much as I could too.  My radiation was about to be complete and I would go on to the next step in my journey which was my bowel resection and then more chemo for another 8 weeks after surgery.  I was grateful that the daily radiation treatments were coming to an end but I was extremely distracted by anxiety, nausea and diarrhea.  I went to Sam on almost a daily basis in hysterical tears not knowing what to do.  This was real not imagined anxiety.  The only thing that helped me to stay calm was sitting with Sam and allowing him to speak tenderly to me and remind me of who I was and whose child I was.  Without those times, I would have crawled right out of my skin.  I would say to the Lord, “Either heal me or kill me!” I was pretty angry at the Lord then.  Anger, tears, repentance, anxiety, anger, tears, repentance.  Whew!  It went on for weeks and weeks.  I needed the Lord so much and didn’t want to continue in my anger but no matter what I did, the anxiety persisted.  I confessed it as sin, I rebuked it in Jesus name, I rebuked the devil and the demons of anxiety.  I had to stand and fight in order to win but I was overwhelmed and exhausted.  I wasn’t prepared for any of it and I still had such a long journey ahead.  How could anyone have prepared me though?  The team at the cancer center was trying to address my nausea but it persisted but not the crippling anxiety.  It was right there with me all the time.  During one of the routine visits with my oncologist, I mentioned in passing that I had a lot of anxiety and told her about the skin thing.  She responded by saying that chemo and radiation both affect your brain chemicals, hormones and emotions but she remembered that I also had a tumor on my thyroid that eventually would have to be taken out.  A light bulb went on in her head and she wanted to do a blood test right then.  So again, another test.  I didn’t bulk but didn’t have high hopes.  Well, low and behold my thyroid levels were off the charts on the high side.  She wasn’t surprised that I was having so much anxiety and started me immediately on a medication that would normalize my thyroid hormones.  Almost immediately the anxiety subsided after taking the first dose.  WOW!  God is so good!  Finally, I was able to see a bit more clearly and fight a little more effectively.  I was still facing a lot but the intensity was lessened  for a little while and I was so grateful.  Soon afterwards, I had my surgery and discovered then what was causing my nausea too.  My appendix was infected!  He removed it during my surgery and no more nausea!

I had been reading in Job after this and the commentator in my Bible at the time said, “Job had more endurance and persistence than patience.”  The Lord immediately spoke to my heart and said “Your persistance in prayer will bring your breakthrough”  I had no way of fixing myself except to rely completely on Jesus for my healing.  I cried out all the more and believed all the more that He wanted only good things for my life.  His ultimate purpose is love and grace and mercy towards me and that is what I would pursue even in the midst of all the bad stuff.  Be blessed and stay with me!  Kathleen

Next up:  “Going Forward With a Full Plate of Crazy”

Lastly:  I will finish this journey with “A Day to Remember”. 


A Daughter’s Journey

Some thoughts:  No matter what else Barak Obama has done one thing is certain, he has been the most divisive president in my lifetime.  He has done nothing to bring peace to the clash of cultures, ideologies or people of color.  Is this his job?  Partly, yes.  If nothing else he has fueled the flames by his words.  Words are powerful and they have meaning. Naming things has power to shape identity.  We are a people divided.

The color of my skin is part of what makes me, me.  It is not my complete identity however.  I also have a gender, a marital status, a home, a city I live in, a place I grew up etc. etc.  I also am a part of the human race, born at a particular time for a purpose.  I was born into a fallen world.  I’ve learned that I can live in this world but not be a part of the corrupt world system because of whose child I am (John 17:15-16). Many people, demons, life experiences, and pain have come and attempted to change my mind about who I am.  As a Christian my mind is set on Jesus (Colossians 3:2).  My mind is made up already about who I love, serve and worship.  I am a part of the household of faith (Galatians 6:10). I know my identity in Christ.

Sadly, there are far too many in this world and even in the Church who don’t know they are and can be loved, forgiven and raised up into new life and identity in Jesus Christ.  We can put on Christ (Galatians 3:27) and put off the old man, the old mindsets that teach division and hate and put on the new life that says we are part of a new family, an ever-advancing Kingdom and accepted in the Beloved (Ephesians 1:6)

The battle for our lives in this generation and in this country is not in any other arena except the spirit realm.  Far too long we have allowed satan and his demons to tell us who we are.  He has used many voices to attempt to change our mindsets and change our identity.  DO NOT ALLOW IT CHURCH!!

Let’s walk in our true identity, our new nature and speak LIFE to others and not death.  Speak UNITY  and not division.  Let’s bring others with us along our way so they too can know this new life and the joy it brings.

Oh the joy and peace of knowing who you are and whose you are!  The love that no human being can give you like the love of the Father.

Let’s make this our battle cry and let’s win hearts for Him.  Let’s grow until we reach the unity of the faith (Ephesians 4:13) and we once again turn this world upside down (Acts 17)

It is still important that we take advantage of the privilege of voting in this country.  Do it then GET TO WORK!

Blessings!   Kathleen


I spoke this word a few years back at a small gathering of believers in New Mexico and wanted to post it as a blog now. It is not the complete teaching but enough for all who read it to understand where I am going with it.  I believe it is still relevant to the church today and with learning new stuff in school it confirms this word that I had back then.  I promise I will get back to finishing my blog about being a overcomer with cancer but for now, please take a few minutes to read this.  The scriptures the Lord gave me to use: Acts 15 (read the whole chapter but especially 16-17); Amos 9:11-12; Hebrews 8:13; Hebrews 10:9; Revelation 1:10; 4:1-2

Amos prophesied in a time of great prosperity and peace in Israel.  ( I will leave this here as a little nugget but won’t address it now)

The early church was in a very critical time of transition and with opposition it could have gone many ways but the Lord protected and brought them through.  They were emerging out of the Old Covenant with its laws and ceremonies into the New Covenant with liberty in Christ.

Transition is difficult  Sometimes today the Church hesitates to come from something God has blessed into the next step, that fresh visitation of the Holy Spirit out of fear of the unknown.  We get caught up in emotions and forget that the Lord wants to take us with Him someplace.  Even Peter wanted to camp out on that mountain when Jesus was transformed before them.  The people of Israel saw the glory cloud and the fire by night.  They had no diseases, their sandals did not wear out, their feet did not swell and they were fed “manna” from heaven.  But, they were still in the wilderness and did not fulfill their mandate to cross the Jordan, receive their inheritance and become the nation of priests and kings that they could have been.  The scripture in Acts and Amos is about worship, but so much more.  This worship was not after the Mosaic covenant but the tabernacle of David combined the Kingly and the Priestly roles.  The Lord Jesus is our great Prophet, Priest and King and He calls His people the same.  (1 John 4:17).  The scriptures that speak about David’s tabernacle are both direct and indirect.  Others that I have not mentioned are 2 Samuel 6; 1 Chronicles 16; Isaiah 16.  If anyone desires to study it more in-depth, Kevin J. Conner’s  book called the “The Tabernacle of David” is a good resource but I will briefly share what the Lord showed me.

First:  David had a revelation and made preparation for the Lord’s Presence.

  • David prepared a place: Jesus prepared a place for us. (John 14:2-3) His listeners would have understood He was talking to them about the temple, but Jesus was establishing a NEW covenant and a NEW priesthood based on better promises that would not be like the old.
  • David pitched a tent:  The Lord is always on the move but lives and dwells now in US.  (This tent).
  • David gathered all Israel together in unity to bring the Ark to the tent.  If we desire His Presence there must be unity of purpose and a true gathering together unto Him.
  • There was divine order.  (Don’t get caught up too much in this one but there is a pattern that the Lord wants us to know).
  • The Ark was carried on the shoulders of Levites which speaks to me of government, support, authority and strength in responsibility.  The Lord places those in authority who are called, equipped and qualified to carry great anointing, great power and great love to bring many to maturity and purpose.
  • David set a time of sanctification for the Priesthood.  We must be set apart by Jesus by the cleansing of His blood; washed in the water of His Word; and anointed with Holy Spirit.

The day of dedication came and sacrifices were performed.  Never again after this day were sacrifices offered at the Tabernacle of David which speaks to me of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice once for all on the cross to usher in His new dwelling place, the Church, His Body.  David did appoint singers and musicians to sing and play day and night.  Our spiritual sacrifices now are of joy, thanksgiving and praise out of our body and substance.  We can see David’s revelation and the Lord’s covenant with Him in these scriptures and how it has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ  We have a torn veil (that which divides) and have access to the most Holy Place in a greater and more perfect Tabernacle that is now open to us.  WHY is all this important?  Because this is a transition time, just as it was then.  With transition, we must press in for new revelation to carry us into the next season. The spirit of revelation must flow in times of transition to prevent error and to battle against the devil who desires to squash every new move of God  and God’s  ever advancing Kingdom.

One more thought:  In the transition from the era of Moses to Joshua, the people of Israel began to move into their inheritance.  I’ve heard people talk about a Joshua generation rising up, but I believe Joshua was transitional.  He helped his nation transition into their promised land.  They still were living under the Old Covenant system until the time of Jesus who fulfilled its requirements and then said “It is finished”.  All the covenant promises of Abraham and David are fulfilled in Christ and they have burst forth out to us.  Joshua couldn’t do it all by himself.  He needed His people to fight and move into their inheritance.  If we make any analogy here it is…..It is time for the rest of the Kingdom of God to rise and take their inheritance.  We are Kingdom people, living under a New Covenant with better promises.  We need more Kingdom people and the only way that will happen is if we begin to reach out with the love of Jesus to the nations and disciple them as the kings and priests we are and bring all under the Headship of Jesus.  Amen! We are the boots on the ground and more than a remnant.  Be blessed and see you again soon! Kathleen


Blog: “Offense” by Kathleen Hansen

The  Jewish leaders in the time of Jesus had within their midst the Messiah they had so longed for.  The bait was ready and the trap was set.  Set to capture, for what purpose? Jesus was the trigger for capture but also this Skandalon (Strong’s concordance #4625) was the one who could set them free.  Would they stumble or would they be healed? They were tripped up (trapped) by the offense of this lowly carpenter and the  offense of the cross.  He came in such a way that they couldn’t accept.  He was changing the world.  He still wants to change the world today.

I have personally benefitted from many past revivals and moves of the Holy Spirit.  I have welcomed every one.  Now we are on the cusp (and many are seeing it already) of another Great Awakening and a Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  What will it look like when it starts to sweep across our land?  A lot of books have been written about it by prominent leaders in the church.  Many others have written about the restoration of the Five-fold ministry and how it will impact the Church.  Others write about Kingdom issues and “new wineskins”.  I haven’t read all but I have read some and it excites me to see God moving so mightily in our lives.  Something else has been stirring within me for years though, that could shipwreck many.  It could cause some to not move ahead and become a part of what the Lord is doing with His people in the time of outpouring.  That something is “offense”.

Proverbs 18:19  “A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city, and contentions are like the bars of a castle”.

When we begin to entertain offenses, it can produce unbelief and shut off the power of God.  We become offended and begin to place blame and may even fabricate lies because of the deep offense.  If left unchecked hate could take root and bring with it the spirits of manipulation, control which are spirits of witchcraft.

There are many examples in scripture that could be looked at but I chose Luke 4.  They became so offended at Jesus because:

  1. They were trapped because of what they believed to be true about this lowly carpenter and his family.  They thought they knew him and dismissed him based on their familiarity with him.  Their preconceived notions were formed about what they believed the Messiah should be.
  2. They were already filled with pride and arrogance because they believed they were justified by the law and they were born Israelites and not Gentiles.
  3. It was foolishness to them.  (1 Corinthians 1:18-31)

Jesus spoke boldly to them about their unbelief and He was amazed by it.  He warned them strongly by using the scriptures that their hardness of heart would keep them blind to how God was working.  The Father was working through the Son to bring salvation to the whole world, not just them. They wouldn’t accept this let alone the person through whom it would come, a lowly carpenters son who in their eyes wasn’t worth much attention.  Pride and arrogance ›offense (jealousy)›unbelief ›shipwreck.

Many voices are rising today and giving thought to the notion that it’s not just about our doctrines, our particular likes and dislikes, our preconceived ideas about who the Lord will use and how He will use them.  It’s not about this leader or that person.  It IS about a new outpouring; a new wineskin; advancing the Kingdom and bringing Heaven to earth.  It’s about relationship!  It’s about Him!

I want to bring a word of caution and this is very serious.  If we don’t begin to understand that the Lord wants to pour into His church a fresh anointing, or if we believe that we know how it will come, or have preconceived ideas of how Jesus will come to His bride, we will be offended.

Offended at how He does it.  Offended at who He brings it through.  Offended that He doesn’t first tell us.  Offended that it’s new and unfamiliar.  (Matthew 18:7)

Past revivals waxed and waned.  God doesn’t withdraw, we do.  He wants to be moving in and through His people all the time; continually pouring in and pouring out over and over until the earth cannot sustain another drop of His sweet, sweet love and Presence.

We are going to be surprised at how things will unfold.  (Luke 17:20-21)

Some things I do know however and I am speaking prophetically.  It will not be hierarchical, it will not be just a remnant and it will be wave upon wave upon wave. It will have great leaders but it will also have great people.  They will know their identity; who they are in Christ; what they possess in Christ and will want to share it with the world.

One of my favorite people Hope Taylor who heads an organization called International Leadership Embassy (ILE) came to speak at our small church in Bloomfield, NM.  One thing he said that always stuck with me.  “For the new to come, it is going to take more than a remnant, it’s going to take many boots on the ground”.  I pray he doesn’t mind my quoting him.  It caused something to click inside of my spirit and it is just now starting to flow out.

Let’s begin to work together for this as Jesus said we would.  (John 13:35). It doesn’t mean we blindly follow someone or chase after every wind of doctrine without discernment or believe every “word” that is spoken. Prophecy should be weighed and we need to grow up.  Let’s lay down our swords against each other and take up arms against our real enemy – the devil.  Let’s determine not to allow a spirit of offense to infiltrate our hearts and our ranks.

Heaven is longing to connect with earth and the world needs Jesus.  Be blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.  Amen  (Kathleen)